Friday, July 11, 2014
Call for Papers 

invite library directors and senior managers to participate in the

2014 IATUL Autumn Seminar

Innovative Services Provided to the Library User - New Teaching, Learning and Research Practices as a Resource of Inspiration for Libraries

To be held at Université Toulouse 3 - Paul Sabatier Library, 8 October 2014 
Each paper will be limited to twenty minutes followed by the opportunity for a 10 minute discussion.
The purpose of the workshop is
  •  to discuss the capacity of innovative services to strengthen the standing of a modern university library as an integral part of the academic community
  •  to elaborate on the potential of new methods of teaching, learning and research as a resource for the development of new library services and the adaption of current library services to the changing needs and requirements of library users
In accordance with the main objective of IATUL to provide an international forum where library directors and senior managers can meet to exchange views on matters of current significance, and by highlighting initiatives on Fab-Labs and MOOCs as a starting point for discussions, the forthcoming workshop is intended to provide an opportunity for library decision makers to share their experience in the development and delivery of information services in an academic environment.
You are very welcome to submit an English language abstract of your suggested paper to by 15 July 2014.