Monday, April 1, 2019
IATUL SIG-ALICE Coaching Programme
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Call for Participants:

The IATUL SIG-ALICE Coaching Programme invites applications from experienced library managers/leaders to act as coaches to Cambodian library directors/managers for a limited, one-year period beginning in June 2019.

Applications must include a CV and a brief statement addressing why you are interested in serving as a coach and what areas of expertise you would bring to the partnership.

Please send your application to Bethany Wilkes:, Chair, SIG-ALICE by 22 April 2019.

About the Programme:

The SIG-ALICE Coaching Programme aims to contribute expertise and support for the further development of library services in emerging countries such as Cambodia, our first focus. Coaching is task-oriented, performance driven and takes place within a defined one year time period.

General objectives for all partnerships:

  • Cultivate an engaged group of library leaders in Cambodia
  • Provide practical guidance, advice, and support to Cambodian library leaders
  • Build networks and a community of practice
  • Broaden perceptions of library work for both coaches and partners
  • Co-sharing of difficulties and successes in library management

Specific objectives (one to be chosen by Cambodian partner):

  • Address a specific need/objective relating to library facilities and spaces
  • Address a specific need/objective relating to collections and/or information access
  • Address a specific need/objective relating to library advocacy and/or services
  • Address a specific need/objective relating to human resources and training needs

Coaches are expected to:

  • Focus on their partners’ needs; assist partners in establishing attainable goals
  • Set up, and participate in, regular meetings with their partners. Minimum 6 coaching sessions via voice or video meetings.
  • Provide 2-5 hours per month collating resources, answering questions outside of meetings, connecting partner to other experts, etc.
  • Communicate openly, honestly, and respectfully
  • Protect privacy of their partners and respect confidentiality
  • Communicate, as soon as possible, with the SIG-ALICE team in case of difficulties
  • Try to join the annual conferences of IATUL