Friday, September 30, 2011
The IATUL 2012 Programme Committee invites proposals for papers and posters for the above Conference.
The Conference will focus on the changing relationship between academic libraries and users brought about by seismic changes in technology and the learning and research environment.

Users are central to libraries and their continued use of library services is crucial for the future of libraries. For a long time, the library as an institution played the critical role of pooling resources to provide users with access to a wider range and depth of information than the individual could otherwise afford. At the same time, library services and functions evolved to support learning and research endeavours through the effective use of those pooled resources.

Today, students, academics and researchers are drawn by an extremely open learning and research environment enabled by technology that offers unbeatable convenience, ubiquitous connectivity and attractive social networking. It is therefore important for institutional intermediaries like libraries to develop new strategies and services to engage users more effectively in the new environment.

We welcome papers and posters that address issues related to these concerns. Your proposed paper could focus on one of the following areas:


(A) Technology and innovations in libraries and their impact on learning, research and users.

(B) Changes in learning, research and information needs and behaviour of users.

(C) Trends, possibilities and scenarios for user-centred libraries.


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