Tuesday, October 8, 2019
Bridging Universities and Society: Libraries as Connectors

The International Association of University Libraries (IATUL) invites proposals for papers and posters for the 41st Annual IATUL Conference in Porto, Portugal (12-16 July 2020).
IATUL offers an influential and inclusive community of university library directors from around the world. The Annual Conference is a unique opportunity to share views and develop new collaborations. Papers are invited on the following theme:

Bridging Universities and Society: Libraries as Connectors

The emergence of movements such as Open Science, Open Innovation, and Citizen Science highlights how society benefits when institutions of higher education expand access to research and teaching. Ongoing engagement and collaboration between universities and communities are essential components of these open initiatives. Academic libraries worldwide are playing vital roles facilitating these initiatives through the development of new and innovative services and infrastructure.

Proposals should consider:

  • Expanding information and digital literacies
  • Library spaces and services advancing innovation and engagement
  • Partnerships with communities, local and global
  • Library strategies and actions supporting open science and collaboration
  • Open Science: communicating and measuring impact beyond the university
  • Workforce development in open science practices (repositories, presses, RDM, and more).

Proposals should reflect international perspectives and provide insight into regional issues, with the aim of engaging attendees in networking and relationship/capacity building. A written paper will be required for the conference proceedings; however, a range of presentation formats are possible. Poster presentations are also invited.

The Call for Papers is open NOW! The deadline for proposals/abstracts is February 2nd, 2020.

For further information go to event website