Thursday, June 27, 2013
The purpose of this paper is to promote discussion across the sector between library leaders, information service providers, vendors, practitioners, students, commentators, colleagues in Australia and internationally – anyone and everyone with an interest in the field.
This discussion paper is a work in progress. We have set out a proposition based on our findings, now we would like to hear what you think – do you agree with our three themes, or do you think there are further alternatives we need to explore? Do you think our scenarios have merit or are there other outcomes that you feel are more likely?
·         We will be asking social and political commentators, technology experts, corporate strategists and other top flight thinkers to tell us what they think about our visions of the future.
·         The 2013 ALIA National Advisory Congress will see a series of two-hour workshops held in every capital city around Australia between August and October to talk about the Future of the Profession. The workshops will be based on this paper, published on 1 May, and the feedback generated in the intervening months.
·         There will be a Future of the Profession Summit in Sydney in October 2013, at which we will present the outcomes of the various discussions of the previous six months. The event will provide the opportunity for library leaders to define what our public-facing position should be on the future of the profession and how this should inform ALIA’s strategies, policies and activities in 2014 and beyond.
You can comment now, and at any time through to the end of October 2013. Become a wiki editor,email or join the discussion on ALIA’s Facebook page and through Twitter #aliafutures.

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