Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Practical steps your institution can take to make progress on the open access journey. Produced in association with: ARMA, RLUK, SCONUL and UKCoRR.

Open access (OA) to research publications brings with it significant benefits for UK institutions, researchers and research funders.

After several years of concerted effort to implement OA in the UK, following the Finch report in 2012, we have learned, and continue to learn, a great deal about what works well, and what works less well.

Levels of open access implementation

This varies from institution to institution. To reflect this, this document aims to provide ‘something for everyone’ offering potential activities to those at the very beginning of their OA journey as well as those who are more advanced.

Notably, the steps outlined here are a deliberate mix of interventions, some of which are wide ranging necessitating high levels of planning and resource, and some smaller incremental changes in order to offer potential solutions to all institutions, no matter how far along with OA implementation they find themselves.

Who is this guide for?

For anyone who is involved in open access implementation or who has an interest in OA more generally.

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