Friday, July 11, 2014
The International Association of University Libraries offers grants of up to €2,000 to staff from member libraries to travel to other member libraries for periods of at least two weeks to investigate current issues of importance to IATUL libraries. Applications may be made by any staff member at an IATUL member library with the support of the university librarian.  Only one application for a grant can be made from one member library in each calendar year.


The criteria for selecting the successful applications are:
  • The potential of the investigation described in the application to further the goals identified in the IATUL Strategic Plan with preference given to applications that appear likely to promote innovations
  • The demonstrated ability of the applicant to complete the nominated investigation 
  • The support from the university librarian at the applicant’s library including, where necessary, funding to cover any additional costs of the study programme

Applications for the IATUL International Study Programme are made on the application form in accordance with the following conditions:
  • The application must set out the purpose of the visit, the benefits of the study programme and include a schedule, budget and enclosed letter of support from the university librarian
  • Applications must include a communication strategy that outlines how the findings of the study programme will be disseminated, including reporting after the tour via a report, blog, presentation or publication to the IATUL membership
  • The IATUL Board determines the amount of the grant with an upper limit of  €2,000  on the recommendation of the selection panel
  •  Within three months of the conclusion of the study programme, the grant holder must submit to the IATUL Office a brief report on the conduct and outcomes of the grant.  The grant holder is encouraged to publish the findings in the professional literature and in their institutional repository, and may be invited to make a presentation to an IATUL conference or other event
Applications should be sent to the IATUL office ( by the end of September 2014, using the attached nomination form.

On behalf of the IATUL Board of Directors

Reiner Kallenborn
IATUL President