Friday, October 27, 2017
IATUL on Facebook and Twitter
Growing plant.

Engage with us and stay up to date about IATUL events, grants, and activities! We are very much looking forward to your comments, likes, shares and retweets on Facebook and Twitter. Agile communication is a vital part of IATUL’s Mission & Vision (LINK).

Members and friends can find our profiles on Facebook and Twitter under the name @IATULorg.

For our events, you are welcome to use our event hashtags, which are:
#IATUL17Namibia for the IATUL Directors’ Summit, Windhoek 2017
#IATUL18Norway for the IATUL Annual Conference, Oslo 2018

Of course, you can also use #IATUL.

There have always been different hashtags related to IATUL, created by our social media savvy members. This motivated us to provide official hashtags for reuse. Corporate hashtags make it easier to find information on a given topic and make it more visible in social media.

IATUL chose Facebook and Twitter, as these two channels are internationally the most common social media channels, which suits the association’s international orientation. The Facebook profile will be continued. On Twitter, IATUL now has its own profile where you can follow the association’s activities.

Feel free to use the hashtags for all your posts and tweets on IATUL related topics!