Thursday, January 29, 2015

Driven primarily by the need to improve student success, retention and the learning experience, learning analytics is a rapidly growing area of interest in educational institutions worldwide. In the UK Jisc is working closely with its stakeholders to share experiences in areas such as the provision of tools and dashboards for learning analytics, and ethical and legal guidance in how to deploy them. This builds on the work of Cetis which carried out extensive work in exploring issues around learning analytics and provided its useful Analytics Series of reports and case studies in late 2012 – early 2013.1 Cetis followed this up with a survey of institutional use in May and June of 2013 which received 26 responses.2 The area is moving forward so rapidly that it was felt that an up to date picture of current developments in the UK further and higher education sectors was required in order to inform the sector and Jisc’s future activities.


This report examines the current situation in a range of universities and colleges across the UK. A number of institutions which were known to be carrying out work in learning analytics were approached to see if they would be prepared to be interviewed. The resulting list includes ten universities, two colleges and the University of London Computing Centre, which hosts the virtual learning environment's (VLE) of more than a hundred organisations and is planning to further develop its analytics capabilities. While the list of institutions cannot be considered representative of UK tertiary education it does provide a snapshot of activity in a wide variety of institutions, and includes some of the most high profile developments.

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