Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The Global Libraries programme of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation recently released a report on library leadership programmes around the world. Cultivating Global Library Leadership report is the first of its kind – highlighting important trends in international library leadership programs and providing recommendations for improving the state of the field. It is a resource for those focused on building library leadership to ensure that libraries continue to be critical community assets. The report explores 30 leadership programs around the world and offers practical ideas for strengthening leadership development opportunities. Among other things, the report finds that leadership programs have reached over 6,000 librarians worldwide and have offered transformative experiences that have equipped librarians to lead their libraries. At the same time, the research highlights that access to programs is limited, particularly in less economically developed regions. Significant variation exists in program structure and content, and programs and participants are not well connected, which limits opportunities to learn from one another. Anyone interested in library leadership programs can access this valuable resource as a starting point for better understanding leadership development opportunities for librarians that can deepen the impact of libraries in their communities.

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