Monday, October 29, 2012
Data curation is defined as a group of activities that foster the preservation, maintenance, and archiving of data with a focus on security and accessibility. This report is about the challenges involved in all steps of the data curation process. As Charles Henry states in the introduction, one of the challenges of working with data is the need to involve those with both general and domain specific knowledge.
There is also a lack of standards and conformity, with a diversity of organizations involved including libraries, data centres, and different academic departments and professional organizations. All of these players have different cultural practices and goals and this further complicates the care and handling of data. The report divides into two sections: 1) an analysis of work practices and methodologies at five universities and 2) a survey of data curation activities that are currently being taught in Information Science graduate programs.
This study investigates data curation practices among social science researchers with the goal of identifying barriers to data curation and examining workflows and unmet needs related to the creation, management, and preservation of data.