Wednesday, October 30, 2013
The five articles in our September/October issue were all presented at the 2nd International Workshop on Mining Scientific Publications, which was held in conjunction with JCDL 2013. We published a similar issue in 2012, which was well received, and are pleased to follow up with another set. Again, the articles cover a range of topics. Our guest editors, Knoth, Zdrahal, Freire, and Muhr, provide a brief introduction to the individual articles and to the issue as a whole and divide the articles into two categories: metadata extraction from articles and analysis of publication patterns to illuminate certain aspects of the larger research environment. We also have a conference report from Open Repositories 2013, which fits fairly nicely with the rest of the issue, as the theme of that conference, 'Use, Reuse, Reproduce' also addresses the topic that seems to be everywhere — the urgency of finding new approaches and new roles for existing players in the conduct of science as it relates to data collection and archiving, data use and reuse, and scientific publication.


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