Monday, August 20, 2007

Ellyssa Kroski

The world of the Web has changed as a new breed of software applications makes it easy to accomplish incredibly sophisticated tasks with little technical know-how. The Internet has seen an explosion of social tools that are empowering ordinary people to connect and participate in a global conversation. People who had previously accessed the Web solely for shopping or research purposes now sign on for the experience of creating and sharing information in the public sphere. They are crafting both content and connections with other users in a new Web that links people to people, as well as to information.

Web 2.0 is loosely defined as the evolution to a social and interactive Web that gives everyone a chance to participate—not just those with programming skills. By producing new applications that are simple to use, Web 2.0 breaks down the technological barriers to entry and, in essence, democratizes the Internet.

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Source: Choice, v.44, no. 12, August 2007.