Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Change continues to characterise the EDUCAUSE Top 10 IT Issues in 2015. The pace of change seems not to be slowing but, rather, increasing and is happening on many fronts. There is reason to believe that higher education information technology has reached an inflection point - the point at which the trends that have dominated thought leadership and have motivated early adopters are now cascading into the mainstream. This inflection point is the biggest of the three themes of change characterising the 2015 EDUCAUSE Top 10 IT Issues. A second dimension of change is the shifting focus of IT leaders and professionals from technical problems to business problems, along with ensuing interdependence between the IT organisation and business units. Underlying all this strategic change, the day-to-day work of the IT organisation goes on. but change dominates even the day-to-day, where challenges are in some ways more complex than ever. this "new normal" is the third theme of change.

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