Wednesday, August 26, 2015

From student recruitment to alumni relations, social media has a place at every step of the student journey, says Eric Stoller. Institutions and educators ignore it at their peril.

Communication is at the core of the human experience. How we learn, teach and engage is predicated on our ability to communicate with one another, and technology-based services have added layers of complexity, efficiency, innovation, and disruption to how we do this. How we communicate is ever-evolving, especially with the rise of digital services as a primary method of engagement, and social media is one of the most exciting communication channels higher education institutions can use today.

But, while social media provides myriad conduits for interaction, learning, and communication, it requires nuance, experimentation, and intrepidity. The payback is that this kind of digital communication is multi-directional, almost always available, and provides utility in ways that are constantly emerging.

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