Useful information

The following information is offered to make your attendance at the IATUL 2009 conference as pleasant and as trouble-free as possible. If you require assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact the registration desk.


  1. Climate
    June is the first month of our meteorological summer. During this month we have the longest days of the year. The average day temperature is 20°C (70°F) with rather chilly nights. Belgium has a moderate climate and because of its geographical position the weather can be changeable. So we recommend that you not only bring your sunglasses but an umbrella, a jacket and sweater as well. For more information on forecasts you can consult the website of the Royal Meteorological

  2. Language
    Belgium has three official languages: Dutch (Flanders/Brussels), French (Wallonia/Brussels) and German (German community, Eastern Belgium). English is well understood and spoken by the majority of the population. Most Belgians speak/understand at least 2-3 languages.

  3. Time
    Belgium is 1 hour ahead of GMT

  4. Electricity
    The standard voltage is 230 volts, 50 Hertz. Electrical sockets (outlets) are the "Type E" French style CEE 7/5 Schuko. A round two pin power plug is required to connect to the power supply.

  5. Point of special interest!
    Please keep in mind that Monday, June 1st is an official holiday in Belgium (White Monday). That means that public transport will be working according to their Sunday time schedule and banks will be closed (except the currency exchange offices at the airport). Shops will be closed as well. Restaurants and pubs will be open.


For those registrants who have reserved hotel accommodation through the Conference organization, please ensure that accounts are settled in full prior to your departure and that the appropriate deposit has been deducted from your account.


  1. Telephones

  2. To call Belgium from abroad you’ll have to use country code 0032 followed by the complete phone number, that includes the area code except for the ‘0’ preceding it. In public phone booths you can only use pre-paid cards (sold in a.o. newspaper shops). Only in railway stations you can still find some phone booths accepting coins. In almost every city, also in Leuven, you can find several phone and internet shops.

  3. Mobile phones

  4. You can check for international mobile roam facilities available in Belgium on this website: (click on ‘roaming partners’ for each network to look for your country). There is a very good national coverage for all providers.

  5. Internet access

  6. Internet access is available on payment in hotels and internet cafés. During the IATUL conference days you can use internet facilities at the Arenberg Campus Library

  7. Laptops

  8. As the Electrical sockets (outlets) are the "Type E" French style CEE 7/5 Schuko, you’ll need a round two pin power plug to connect to the power supply. To be able to connect your laptop into a computer socket you need a RJ-45 type plug.

  9. Facsimile

  10. If you wish to send a facsimile, please contact the registration desk.


  1. Currency and banking The Euro is the official currency. Currency exchange facilities are located at the airport or in the city centre (about 2 km from the conference venue). Banking hours are -in general- 09.00 hrs – 16.00 hrs, Monday to Friday. At the airport Exchange offices Travelex are located in the transit area, in the departures hall and arrivals hall, in the Travel Value & Tax Free shopping areas in Pier B and near the baggage carousels. Opening hours at arrivals level: Monday till Sunday: 06.00 hrs – 22.00 hrs Opening hours at departures level: Monday till Sunday: 06.00 hrs – 21.00 hrs All major credit cards are accepted.

  2. Insurance
    It is recommended that you purchase a comprehensive travel insurance to cover the duration of your stay in Belgium and to protect you against cancellation charges, loss or damage to your luggage and personal effects, loss of cash and medical expenses.
  3. Taxes
    Goods and services sold in Belgium are subject to a 21% value-added tax (VAT). Retail suppliers are required to show the VAT inclusive price on goods and services, and must clearly state if the VAT is not included in the advertised price. VAT can be claimed back on purchases when leaving Belgium under certain conditions. For more information please check the following website:


  1. Accident and emergency clinics
    Emergency medical services are available 7 days a week, 24hrs/24hrs at the University Hospitals (1 km outside city centre, Campus Gasthuisberg, Herestraat 49, Leuven) or at the Heilig-Hart-ziekenhuis (in city centre, Naamsestraat 105, Leuven).
    In case of emergency dial 112 for an ambulance, the police or the fire department.
    For visits to a General Practitioners practice during the day, ask the conference desk assistants or at your hotel lobby for addresses and hours of consultation. General Practitioners are on call during weekends and nights: call 070/25 70 25 to find out the address of the nearest GP on call.
  1. Pharmacies
    Leuven has a wide range of pharmacists in the city centre. Opening hours are -in general- between 08.30 hrs and 18.30 hrs, Monday-Friday; on Saturday between 09.00 hrs and 12.00 hrs Pharmacists are on call during evenings, nights and weekends: call 0900/105 00 (central info number); after 22.00 hrs call 016/21 06 11.

  2. Postal services
    Most hotels also take care of the postal items of their guests. You can hand in your postal items at the hotel lobby.

  3. Shopping
    Shopping hours vary but are usually 09.30 hrs – 18.00 hrs (Monday to Saturday) with extended opening hours for the majority of shops on Thursday evening (20.00 hrs)
    Fresh bakeries open at 07.00 hrs – 18.00 hrs; also open on Sunday mornings.
    Supermarkets are open from 08.30 hrs – 08.00 hrs, Monday – Saturday.
    All shops are closed on Sunday except the fresh bakeries, restaurants and pubs.
    A few smaller city supermarkets are also open on Sunday morning.


    Leuven has a well-equipped public transport system and has good train connections with the rest of the country and Brussels Airport.
    1. Train
      There is a direct connection from Brussels Airport to Leuven (arrival in Leuven at 15 minutes). There’s also an indirect connection (arrival in Leuven at 35 minutes). A one way ticket costs 3.30 € (Euro)/ person.

    2. Buses
      Bus number 2 ‘Heverlee Campus’ drives from the station, through the city, to the Campus. There is a bus stop at a 2 minute walk from the Arenberg Campus Library. A single ticket bought on the bus costs 1.80€ (please keep exact change ready!). You can buy your ticket in advance (recommended) at the ticket office of the bus company right outside Leuven railway station or in newspaper shops. Bus cards for ten rides (the so called ‘tien-rittenkaart’) can be used when using the bus more than once and when travelling in group (0.80€/person/ride)

    3. Taxis
      Outside the railway station (in front of the entrance) you can find the taxi rank. Taxi fares can vary slightly depending on the company. To give you an idea of the average fares: A taxi fare from the railway station to the conference venue will cost about 12€ A taxi fare from the centre of the city (the hotels) to the conference venue will cost about 10€

    4. Car park
      There are parking facilities, free of charge, in the neighbourhood of the conference venue or at the inner court of Arenberg Campus Library.

    5. Car rental
      At Brussels Airport you can find several car rental companies. Please check the following website for more information:

    Practical issues

    Registration and information desk The registration desk will be located at the atrium of the Arenberg Campus Library on Sunday, May 31st and at the atrium of the conference venue the following days (June, 1st – June, 4th). The opening hours are as follows:
    1. Sunday, May 31st 16.00 – 17.30 hrs (Arenberg Campus Library)
    2. Monday, June 1st 08.00 – 17.00 hrs (Conference venue)
    3. Tuesday, June 2nd 08.00 – 17.00 hrs (Conference venue)
    4. Wednesday, June 3rd 08.00 – 17.00 hrs (Conference venue)
    5. Thursday, June 4th 08.00 – 17.00 hrs (Conference venue)

    6. Badges
      As a security requirement, we kindly request the participants to wear their conference badge at all sessions and social functions.

    7. Messages
      Messages will be displayed on the message and information board located at the registration desk.

    8. Refreshments
      Morning coffee, lunch and afternoon tea are included in your registration fee and will be provided during the breaks as scheduled in the program.

    9. Smoking
      Smoking is not allowed inside University buildings. Delegates are kindly requested to observe this policy.

    10. Special dietary requirements
      If you have indicated any special dietary requirements on your registration form, these will be forwarded to the caterers. Please ask the catering staff for your special meal.

    11. Tipping
      Tips are not expected in Belgium for normal service. But of course you are free to tip for excellent service.
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