31st Annual IATUL Conference

The Evolving World of e-Science: Impact and Implications for Science and Technology Libraries
Purdue University (West Lafayette, IN) and Chicago, IL, United States
June 20-24, 2010

A collection of accepted papers, some contributed slidedecks, and supplementary documents presented at IATUL 2010 are available at http://docs.lib.purdue.edu/iatul2010/.

Purdue University is known as “The Cradle of Astronauts,” with alumni including Neil Armstrong, the first person to set foot on the moon, and Eugene Cernan, the most recent to do so. This spirit of reaching for the stars weaves throughout Purdue’s history and motivates our current aspirations.

As information technologies and computing power become ever more powerful and easy to use, the new frontier of science and engineering is to harness the collective power of our researchers on a global scale. Some disciplines are far along in the process of sharing information and creating fully collaborative infrastructure to power innovation; others are on the verge of embracing the power of cyberinfrastructure to transform their research.

Join us at IATUL 2010 as we probe the current state of e-science and how libraries and information professionals are contributing to the creation, visualization, accessibility, interoperability, and usability of research data and knowledgebases.

Highlights of Purdue/Indiana/Chicago — movie shown at IATUL 2009, Leuven

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Photos of the IATUL 2010 Astronaut

Provided as a token at the 2009 IATUL Conference, the IATUL 2010 Astronaut has since made appearances all over the world as well as on Purdue's campus.

IATUL attendees are encouraged to take photographs of the astronaut at their home institutions, cities, and countries, and email them to iatul@purdue.edu for display in a Flickr feed (linked below).

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