Annual Conference

IATUL Annual Conference

The Annual IATUL Conference is the main event that our association holds, lasting from Monday to Thursday of the week in question, preceded by the Sunday’s Opening Reception for delegates. The sequence of sessions is restricted to Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, whereas Wednesday is devoted to the delegates’ joint study tour. As for all other IATUL events, the conference is normally held on the grounds of the host institution.

IATUL Annual Conferences aim at welcoming 200 or more delegates, and include a social programme for delegates and accompanying persons, as well as commercial exhibits. Also part of the conference are two Board meetings, and an Annual General Assembly for IATUL members. As with any IATUL event, presentations by commercial library partners are not part of the regular conference programme.

IATUL Annual Conference Hosting

In the Spring or early Summer, the International Association of University Libraries (IATUL) members meet to discuss strategic and applied topics that advance both the individual and collective practices of university libraries.

Hosting an IATUL conference is a great opportunity to:

  • meet colleagues from around the world;
  • showcase your city and your institution; and
  • network with library directors and senior managers from over 60 countries to exchange ideas, expand professional networks, form new collaborations, and work together on multinational projects exploring the big challenges we face.

Requirements for Hosting

Host libraries volunteer staff time and resources to organize the meeting. To be considered as a host, it is essential that each library meets all the following requirements:


  • The library has adequate staff and administrative support to plan and run this event (potential pre-meeting tasks that require staff time: event planning, program committee work, communications, registration management)
  • The library has staff members or volunteers that can be on site during the event (e.g. “floor runners” in plenary sessions, venue liaison, information table staffer)


  • Conferences are intended to produce a profit, which contributes to the budget for IATUL programmes for the coming year. At a minimum, conferences must break even; deficit budgets are not approved.
  • The library has staff or volunteers who can secure financial sponsorship from relevant library-related vendors, and regional, municipal and institutional stakeholders.


  • The library has the ability to host a conference website and to provide event registration via credit card (or can obtain such services).
  • The library has the ability to pre-pay costs such as meeting rooms, catering, AV, etc. that will be covered by registration fees.

Submission Details

  • The deadline for 2023 Annual Conference applications is December 31, 2020.
  • Please fill out the application form and save it before you send it to us.
  • Please send your application to the attention of the IATUL Board of Directors by posting a message to the IATUL Office at:
  • A conference handbook is available upon request. Please send requests and questions to

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