Former Events

20th IATUL Conference

17 May 21 May 1999
The Future of Libraries in Human Communication
Technical University of Crete – Library and Information Centre
Chania, Greece

19th IATUL Conference

1 June 5 June 1998
The Challenge to be Relevant in the 21st Century
University of Pretoria
30 June 4 July 1997
Scholarly Communication in Focus
Norges teknisk-naturvitenskapelige universitet – Universitetsbiblioteket
Trondheim, Norway

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17th IATUL Conference

24 June 28 June 1996
Networks, Networking and Implications for Digital Libraries
University of California Irvine

16th IATUL Conference

6 May 6 September 1995
Resources Management
University of Twente – University Library
Enschede, Netherlands

15th IATUL Conference

19 July 23 July 1993
Technological University Libraries in the Nineties
Technische Universität Hamburg-Harburg – Universitätsbibliothek
Hamburg-Harburg, Germany

14th IATUL Conference

8 July 12 July 1991
New Technologies and Information Services: Evolution or Revolution?
MIT - Massachusetts Institute of Technology

13th IATUL Conference

22 May 26 May 1989
International Co-operation of Technological University Libraries.
Centralna tehniška knjižnica Univerze v Ljubljani – Library
Ljubljana, Slovenia

12th IATUL Conference

8 June 12 June 1987
Libraries of Technological Universities and Equivalent Institutions
University of Helsinki

11th IATUL Conference

15 April 19 April 1985
The Future of Information Resources for Science and Technology and the Role of Libraries.