IATUL Special Interest Group Information Literacy


IATUL Special Interest Group for Information Literacy

The IATUL Special Interest Group for Information Literacy (SIG IL) promotes collaboration and sharing of best practices among IATUL members in the area of information literacy. In accordance with IATUL's organizational profile and the focus of the special interest group is on methods and practices specific to an academic environment.

SIG IL was founded in 2012 and provides a platform to share IL-related experience, documents and news for its members and others interested in the subject. Another main goal is to contribute to IATUL's service portfolio to support other member libraries. Therefore group members work on joint projects. They meet and present their work on the Annual IATUL conference.

Completed Projects

IATUL Special Interest Group Information Literacy Completed Projects

Project on Information Literacy Policies and Standards at IATUL Member Libraries

The aim of the project presented was to collect existing information literacy guidelines, frameworks an policies of all IATUL members libraries as well as to examine national standards and frameworks. The report provides a summary of the survey conducted between July 2013 and February 2014 and includes the results based in the replies of 100 IATUL member libraries. The collated data was revised in October 2015.

Information Literacy Frameworks

Information Literacy Frameworks
There are several official/national standards used around the world, some of which are listed below: