In the Service of University Libraries
Mission and vision

One World Library

High quality tertiary education, supported by university-level research is the key factor for the further development of any part of our knowledge-driven global society. University education is more than the next level in the learning process; it is a critical component of human development worldwide. It is highly trained individuals who develop the capacity and analytical skills that drive local economies, who look outside the box of national political and economic interests, and whose cross-cultural understanding contributes to social stability in the world.

Speaking of ground-breaking results at universities, it is often forgotten that high quality infrastructure is the indispensable basis for all study and research. Without adequate premises, IT-infrastructure or information provision and management, neither students nor professors can carry out their work. 

Providing a forum for library managers is one side of IATUL’s assignment, the second and subsequent phase is enabling initiatives that make a difference for the information infrastructure of a targeted region.

IATUL Members are Prepared to welcome any challenge facing libraries - Together, everywhere, now

The International Association of University Libraries is an organisation of university and research libraries with primary personal target group library directors, the decision makers who are responsible for the advancement of information management services at their alma mater. IATUL facilitates collaborations, generate synergies and promotes innovation in university libraries, especially networking between emerging respectively developing countries and developed countries.

IATUL's Vision for the Future

Throughout the world of information management, IATUL is known and appreciated as the global association for professional networking of library directors and senior managers at university and research libraries. Library managers of more than 240 member libraries collaborate in multinational IATUL projects. They enrich and learn from each other and exchange ideas and experience at a multitude of events that IATUL offers for the global community of librarians.