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IATUL Special Interest Groups


provide the framework for an ongoing international collaboration among IATUL members, in addition to the traditional annual conference.

Each SIG focuses on a particular subject area and defines its own terms of reference, together with long and short-term goals. The SIG not only monitors its subject of focus, but also discusses and advances it.  All kinds of collaboration are imaginable, ranging from online discussions to joint research projects. The SIG decides its preferred way of collaboration and IATUL as an organisation supports its activities.

For example, SIG members are welcome to present their work at the annual conference, at IATUL workshops throughout the year and of course here on the IATUL website. Contacts to a network of experts and to an expert audience are further facilitating factors.


All employees from IATUL member libraries are welcome to join a SIG. 
Senior librarians  who are proposed by the SIG and then formally 
appointed by the IATUL Board will chair the groups.


There are currently four SIGs:
  • SIG for Library Services related to Research Data Management (SIG DATA)
  • SIG Information Literacy (SIG IL)
  • SIG for Library Services related to Metrics and Research Impact (SIG MaRI)
  • SIG for Library Space (SIG Space)
Some topics, which might be relevant for further SIGs, are:
  • Library Buildings / Refurbishment / Architecture
  • Leadership / Management
  • Public Relations / Marketing
  • Library Education and Training / HR Development
  • Automation and User Services


Do you have further questions concerning the IATUL Special Interest Groups? 

Do you feel inspired to found a new SIG? Please feel free to contact us!