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Travel Grants

IATUL Travel Grant Programme

To extend participation across our global community 

IATUL provides support to individuals wishing to attend the annual IATUL Conference. Each year, IATUL offers a grant of € 1,200 to staff from member libraries to attend the annual IATUL Conference.

Any staff member at an IATUL member library with the support from the University Librarian/Library Director may make an application. Applicants should be librarians or information professionals who wish to attend their first IATUL Conference.

Travel Grants are not intended to cover the full cost of attending the conference. The maximum amount of the grant for one person is 1,200 Euro. The travel grant must be used to cover registration to the conference and any remainder can be used for other travel-related expenses.


Applicant criteria
  • Applicants must be from IATUL member institutions within developing countries
  • Applicants must not be previous recipients of travel grants to IATUL conferences. Individuals who have been awarded an IATUL Travel Grant in the past will not be eligible to apply again.
  • English is the official language of the organisation and the annual Conference, Applicant should be sufficiently proficient in English.
  • Applicants must have the support of their University Librarian/Library Director who will confirm that sufficient financial support is available to cover expenses at the conference beyond the award 1,200 Euro provided.
  • Applicants and their institutions are responsible for obtaining visas and other travel documentation. If required, conference organisers will provide a letter of invitation to attend the conference.
Grant conditions

Applications for the IATUL Travel Grant Programme are made on the application form in accordance with the following conditions:

  • Application for an IATUL Travel Grant must be made using the application form
  • IATUL Travel Grants will only be awarded to first-time attendees of any IATUL Conference
  • The application must set out the benefits that attending the conference will bring to the applicant and her/his institution
  • Applications must address how the findings from the conference presentations will be disseminated, both internally and outside the applicant's institution
  • Support of the applicants University Librarian/Library Director must be provided, who will confirm that sufficient financial support is available to cover expenses at the conference beyond the award 1,200 Euro provided
  • The amount of the travel grant is net of bank charges.
  • The IATUL Board appoints a selection panel of Board members which determines the successful applicants
  • Successful applicants must register to attend the conference within two weeks of registrations opening
  • Successful applicants will support promotion and publicity of the IATUL Travel Grant Programme, before, during and after the Conference