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Strategic Plan

IATUL Strategy 2024-2028

Member Engagement

The IATUL Board has conducted an extensive engagement within the Board and among IATUL members at the Zurich Seminar and UAE Conference. These discussions focused on the value that IATUL brings to its members and the types of activities members would like to see IATUL promote.

Strategic Directions

At its September 2023, meeting in Izmir, the Board endorsed a set of Strategic Directions that will guide IATUL during the 2024-2028 period. 

The following three Strategic Directions were approved by the IATUL membership at the Extraordinary General Assembly Meeting held September 25, 2023.

Strategic Direction 1 - 
Strategic Direction 2 - 
Strategic Direction 3 - 
STRATEGIC ACTION PLAN                                          


The newest version of the Action Plan can be found here: